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expect before going to the salon

Le 28 juin 2017, 09:41 dans Humeurs 0

Would hair extensions cost a fortune?


Yes, extensions done by a professional hair extension artist and made from high quality hair would cost you several hundred dollars. The price really depends on the quality of the hair used - Asian hair is cheaper, while European hair costs 2-3 times more. If you want good looking hair - especially blond hair - you will have to pay for European material.


Online you might find hair extension 'starter kits' with complete instructions, which aren't difficult to apply. So if you feel adventurous, you can buy a do-it-yourself kit and save significantly. If done correctly, this type of hair extension looks as good as any salon made one. If you decide to follow this route, though, make sure that you order high quality hair.


What types of hair extension are available?


The two major types of hair extension are individual strands and wefts.


Individual strands, as the name implies, are attached one piece at a time to your own hair, usually using glue, or with waxes and polymers. The problem here is that most of the attachment methods require coating your natural hair with rather unfriendly chemicals. Attaching these extensions isn't a problem, but removing this type of extension can seriously damage your hair.


Wefts, on the other hand, are braided into your hair, so no chemicals are needed. A weft looks like a curtain of hair held together at the top and hanging freely toward the bottom. It is braided into your hair around the midline of your head - about ear level. It is safer for your hair but, on the downside, as you own hair grows wefts have to be rebraided - about once every two months.


What materials are used for hair extensions?


First, hair for extensions can be either synthetic or real human hair. Synthetic extensions are cheaper, of course, but you get what you pay for - they look like artificial strands attached to your hair. They're not very pleasant to the touch, either.


Human hair used for extensions gives better results. Human extension hair differs by origin. The most common are hair from India and Asian countries. They are great, if you are an Asian woman yourself. Unfortunately this type of hair has a noticeably different texture from a Caucasian's natural hair, so on Caucasian women they just don't look right.


European hair is of better quality, usually originating from Spain and Italy, is of better quality but costs more. The only problem is that its natural color is usually coal black. To make a blond extensions out of them, Italian or Spanish hair needs to be heavily bleached.


There are also so-called 'raw' or 'virgin' hair. This is European hair coming from Central and Eastern European countries, like Russia and Poland. The advantage of this hair that it is naturally light and of a very high quality. However, this type of hair is difficult to find and costs an arm and a leg.

These hairs coil under the skin

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Similarly, razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae) occur when hairs that have been shaved exit the follicle and burrow into adjacent skin. They continue to grow under the skin surface and create unsightly and painful bumps that make shaving uncomfortable or impossible. This condition is most common in African American men but will generally affect any frequent shaver of coarse, curly hair.


There are many products available to treat these conditions. Some are good and some aren't so good. In general, be wary of any products that make unrealistic promises and guarantees. The most effective products for treating ingrown hairs and razor bumps combine alcohol and salicylic acid with some combination of other ingredients graduation dinner makeup.


The most well known product in this category is Tend Skin. The makers of Tend Skin claim not to fully understand how their product works. Its effectiveness in correcting and preventing ingrown hairs and razor bumps is well documented. The primary complaints about Tend Skin are not about its efficacy but that it is harsh on the skin and has a foul smelling scent. At $20 for just four ounces and $35 for eight ounces many people also complain that Tend Skin is too expensive.


Like Tend Skin, Tonic 86? is an antiseptic, antibacterial, mild exfoliating liquid that corrects and prevents ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burn. Tonic 86? has the same active ingredients as Tend Skin. Tonic 86? works by disinfecting the skin and mildly exfoliating surface cells to keep hair follicles and adjacent areas of skin clean and unobstructed. However, Tonic 86? also features skin softening agents and a unisex, powderfresh fragrance to make it more gentle and better smelling. And, at about $20 for an eight ounce bottle or $38 for a 16 ounce bottle, Tonic 86? costs about half as much as Tend Skin Sculptra.


If you suffer from ingrown hairs or razor bumps as a result of your hair removal regimen, either Tonic 86? or Tend Skin will significantly reduce the frequency and appearance of these unsightly and painful bumps. If money is no object and you can put up with the foul smell and harshness Tend Skin is an excellent product choice. For the same efficacy at half the cost with less harshness and a better fragrance, Tonic 86? is a high quality alternative the pavilia bay.

Technology adds luster to 11.11 shopping festival

Le 5 mai 2017, 11:13 dans Humeurs 0

The day of November 11, nicknamed Singles Day in China, the country’s biggest annual online shopping spree since it was created on November 11, 2009.


Besides traditional marketing promotions like coupon distribution and special sales, this year e-commerce giants are adopting cutting-edge technology to create an eye-opening online shopping experience for consumers.


Taobao: Virtual reality


Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, the pioneer and leader in e-commerce who first created the festival, officially launched a virtual reality (VR) online shopping channel called Buy+ in the mobile app of its e-commerce site Taobao on Nov 1.


Buy+, offering panorama mode and VR shopping mode, can resemble an offline shopping experience. In VR mode, the user wearing VR goggles, that do not have to be as high-end as HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, can go shopping overseas, see the view of a local street, enter a store, view and select a product by focusing their vision on it and purchase the product by focusing on a certain area for around three seconds.


Compared to the first version of Buy+, which debuted at Taobao’s "Creation Festival" in July, this version is much more convenient and requires less equipment for users.


Tmall: Augmented reality


Alibaba’s e-commerce site Tmall released a Pokemon Go-like location-based augmented reality (AR) mobile game in its app on October 27. Consumers can chase the Tmall cat mascot across online shops and brick and mortar stores, such as Intime shopping malls, Shanghai Disneyland, KFC and Starbucks, to win special promotions or prizes. Drones, driverless cars and unmanned warehouses Inc, the second-largest domestic online retailer by market share, is focusing on intelligent logistics. The company has developed drones, driverless cars and fully-automated warehouses to automate its logistics flow, according to a report by Xinhua.


In a fully-automated warehouse, goods can be sorted and delivered by robots that can make independent judgments and act according to different application scenarios and types of goods.


While the company’s self-developed drones have already been used in rural areas for "last mile" distributions, the driverless cars that can deliver goods to designated pickup spots will have their first trial operation in areas near the company’s headquarters in Beijing this November, according to a report by


Retail giant Suning Commerce Group Co will induct its intelligent warehouse ‘Suning cloud warehouse’ during the shopping festival.


The whole-process mechanized, automated and intelligent warehouse can process 1.81 million packages daily and deliver goods in the shortest time of 30 minutes.

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