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for their supposed childish

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But the more concealing swimwear trend is also part of a wider social movement by younger French women who are shunning the less inhibited habits of previous generations. If burning bras and going topless were the ways French women of the 1970s and '80s demonstrated their freedom, their daughters and grand-daughters seem less comfortable with exposed flesh. "We're seeing a return to more [conservative] and family values," said Kaufmann. "Modesty and discretion are in fashion now."


A survey titled "Women and Nudity" released by polling agency Ifop captures the move to cover up. It indicates younger French women not only have a problem with nudity but actually consider themselves prudish. Fully 88% of the women questioned qualified themselves as pudique — a term that can mean anything from modest or prim to full-blown priggish.


And they aren't joking. Though 90% said they get naked with their husband or partner, nearly 60% actively avoid being nude around their children. Sixty-three percent of respondents said they also refuse to undress around women friends. About 22% said they considered a woman in her underwear already naked.


With sensitivities like those, it's little wonder that the poll also found that French women had strong opinions about public nakedness. Nearly 50% said they were bothered by total nudity on beaches or naturist camps, and 37% said they were disturbed by publicly exposed breasts or buttocks. Forty-five percent of respondents reported they'd simply prefer to see a lot less flesh — male or female — hanging out in full view.


Those attitudes got even more pronounced with respondents ages 18 to 24. Fully 25% of women in that age group described themselves as very pudique, and 20% said they considered any nudity tantamount to indecency. That, sociologists say, helps explain the changing scenery on French beaches. Younger women disinclined to bare their more private parts make up the majority of female sunbathers; those still willing to go topless are usually older French women who blazed the trail all those years ago. Or as the Times of London's website phrased it, "Only the Oldies Go Topless on French Beaches."


"There aren't any rules, but yeah, it's true, when you're at the beach and look around, the only topless women anymore are older," said a 19-year-old named Elodie as she visited Paris' summertime artificial beach known as Paris Plage. Elodie pointed out that a municipal fine — and frequently lousy weather — made going topless at Paris Plage a nonstarter. When asked whether she went topless on vacation beaches — and what factors made her decide when she did and didn't — Elodie gave a reply as chilly as it was logical. "All those things," she said, "are personal concerns."

children know exactly what is required

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All children should know about important fire safety procedures such as the need to stay low to the ground in a smoky room and the need to stop, drop, and roll if their clothes should catch fire. Staying low to the ground keeps you from inhaling smoke, as smoke always rises towards the ceiling. Smoke inhalation can lead to unconsciousness, and is a big component of deaths caused by house fires. Tell your family members that they can put a damp rag or a piece of clothing over their faces and breathe in through it in order to cut down on the effects of smoke inhalation even more. However, you generally shouldn't waste time finding a damp rag in an emergency; it's also dangerous to use a faucet to wet a damp rag depending on the severity of the fire, as if the water pipes in your home are exposed to high temperatures the water traveling through them may be converted to steam which will blast out of the faucet and cause burns Hublot big bang.


Make sure your children know how to correctly stop, drop, and roll and feel confident in the fact that it works. It smothers the fire and deprives it of oxygen, which puts out the flames. The usual response to clothing catching on fire is to run around and flail about wildly, which only exposes the fire to more oxygen and feeds the flames. Your children should also know to touch door handles before opening the door to see if they are hot. If they are, it means that there's a fire in the next room, and they should leave the door closed and find another route out of the house hong kong hotel price.


Make sure your children understand that they should never play with lighters or matches. Fires started by playing with these things are the leading cause of fire-related injuries in children under five years old. Many children are fascinated by lighters and matches and want to experiment with lighting things on fire to see what happens. Hide lighters and matches in your home and keep them out of the reach of your children in order to cut down on the temptation. Make sure all flammable liquids such as gasoline and lighter fluid are securely stored out of the reach of your kids Meet New Friends .


Do regular fire drills to practice your evacuation plan so that your family knows what to do in an emergency. Make sure everyone knows all the possible exit points of the house that they can use; a fire in your home will be a chaotic situation, and it's best to make sure all members of your family know your evacuation plan well enough so that it is second nature and they don't have to waste time thinking if a fire starts. Quick, determined response to a fire will save your family members' lives.

expect before going to the salon

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Would hair extensions cost a fortune?


Yes, extensions done by a professional hair extension artist and made from high quality hair would cost you several hundred dollars. The price really depends on the quality of the hair used - Asian hair is cheaper, while European hair costs 2-3 times more. If you want good looking hair - especially blond hair - you will have to pay for European material.


Online you might find hair extension 'starter kits' with complete instructions, which aren't difficult to apply. So if you feel adventurous, you can buy a do-it-yourself kit and save significantly. If done correctly, this type of hair extension looks as good as any salon made one. If you decide to follow this route, though, make sure that you order high quality hair.


What types of hair extension are available apartments for rent?


The two major types of hair extension are individual strands and wefts.


Individual strands, as the name implies, are attached one piece at a time to your own hair, usually using glue, or with waxes and polymers. The problem here is that most of the attachment methods require coating your natural hair with rather unfriendly chemicals. Attaching these extensions isn't a problem, but removing this type of extension can seriously damage your hair.


Wefts, on the other hand, are braided into your hair, so no chemicals are needed. A weft looks like a curtain of hair held together at the top and hanging freely toward the bottom. It is braided into your hair around the midline of your head - about ear level. It is safer for your hair but, on the downside, as you own hair grows wefts have to be rebraided - about once every two months.


What materials are used for hair extensions?


First, hair for extensions can be either synthetic or real human hair. Synthetic extensions are cheaper, of course, but you get what you pay for - they look like artificial strands attached to your hair. They're not very pleasant to the touch, either reenex.


Human hair used for extensions gives better results. Human extension hair differs by origin. The most common are hair from India and Asian countries. They are great, if you are an Asian woman yourself. Unfortunately this type of hair has a noticeably different texture from a Caucasian's natural hair, so on Caucasian women they just don't look right.


European hair is of better quality, usually originating from Spain and Italy, is of better quality but costs more. The only problem is that its natural color is usually coal black. To make a blond extensions out of them, Italian or Spanish hair needs to be heavily bleached.


There are also so-called 'raw' or 'virgin' hair. This is European hair coming from Central and Eastern European countries, like Russia and Poland. The advantage of this hair that it is naturally light and of a very high quality. However, this type of hair is difficult to find and costs an arm and a leg reenex.

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